About AmogOS

Watch me explain why this OS is not an impostor.

Project Info

AmogOS, a custom riced meme OS inspired by a Reddit post. Initially made for the Raspberry Pi, based on RPi OS (RPi versions) and Debian (x86_64 versions).


Up-to-date features list is on our GitHub Readme page. (pwease wead it i spent lots of time puttting important info into it UwU)


Our Team

Moon Website

Founder, UI Developer

Raspberry Pi News Youtube

Main Developer, OS Packager


Original / Main Artist


Mirror Hoster

Fengzi Website

Original Website Developer

Thanks to JoJo Autoboy, Fengzi, Dan2wik, Doc, Phene and Helena (/ussr/share) for helping us UwU.

Special Thanks

Among Us

The origin of the universe.

Jostro OS

Partner project of AmogOS.

SomeOrdinaryGamers Youtube

Made a video that covered AmogOS and sent this to the moon.

TechHut Youtube

Also did a live stream / video cover of AmogOS.

All the open source projects included in this OS

Thank you!